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Asphalt Milling Saves Downtime And Money

Staff / 08-09-2021

Milling prevents the need for complete excavation, saving you downtime and money. The key is to remediate any issues while your pavement is still serviceable, before water, ice and weather conditions can create further damage.

While it is less extensive than full excavation, milling is a major operation. Our 120 and 210 milling machines are the size of tractor trailers. As they grind up the asphalt removed from a damaged area, they shoot its contents up, into dump trucks. The milled asphalt material can then be carted away and recycled. Tibbs Paving’s high-production milling equipment allows you to get back to business as quickly as possible

Milling and paving play an important role in asphalt care and maintenance. To patch problem areas, we mill the top two inches of pavement. Our milling process prepares a clean, compacted surface for repaving. Then we lay down two inches of new pavement, allowing you to maintain consistent surface height throughout your property. 

We have the staff, equipment and knowledge to help you extend the life of your pavement and your budget. We’ve been providing a full range of commercial paving services for more than 25 years.

  • Asphalt Paving, Milling and Repair 
  • Concrete Paving and Repair
  • Crack Sealing
  • Seal Coating
  • Striping and Thermoplastic Marking
  • Pavement Accessories

If you’re managing a commercial, industrial or municipal property, you have so much to handle! Our crews provide proactive communication from the job site so you can eliminate the guesswork. We keep you updated on the progress of your job so you can focus on other important issues.

At Tibbs Paving, we partner with you to manage your paved assets. Protect your investment. Call us for a consultation at (703) 810-7435 or complete this form on our website.

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