Asphalt Patching

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Asphalt Patching

Patching extends the life of your asphalt, containing damaged areas and preserving your subbase.

When you identify a problem area, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. As a general rule, when you maintain your crack fill, you won’t need a lot of patching. When patching is required, you need to fix the subbase adequately or any new pavement you put on top of it is not going to last.

When water penetrates your asphalt, it can affect the subbase. When the subgrade is compromised, there is not enough support for the asphalt. That’s when pavement becomes depressed and potholes develop.

When our pavement experts visit your property, we can identify any failed areas and liability issues. To fix any locations on your site that are cracking, alligatored-up and settling out, we:

  • Remove the damaged asphalt.
  • Inspect the subgrade.
  • Fix any problem areas to support the new layer of asphalt.
  • Roll and compact the subbase.
  • Install the new base asphalt in lifts, compacting each lift.
Image of Asphalt patching work being done

At Tibbs Paving, we have the equipment, technology and skilled crews to patch your asphalt immediately, no matter what the scope of damage is or the time of year. With Infrared Asphalt Repair.

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