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Celebrating Our Work Family This Labor Day

Staff / 09-02-2021

Every day, we appreciate the dedication and integrity they bring to our work family and our customers. They are what makes us special. This Labor Day, we want to introduce you to two of them. 

Meet Ray Tibbs, Mechanic/Driver 

Ray Tibbs has been in the paving business since 1983. He joined Tibbs Paving in 1995, when his brother Jimmy and Tim co-founded the company. Devoted to our company, Ray is eager to go to work every day. Even on his days off, he may be found in the shop, checking on our equipment.

Ray takes pride in keeping our paving machinery and shop clean. Thanks to the diligence of Ray and his co-workers, Matt and Pete, our fleet of heavy equipment is in top condition. It is repaired and maintained with great care so it’s always ready for the next job. When Ray delivers equipment to our local DMV jobs, he stays onsite to help out in any way he can. “Whatever they need me to do, I’ll do it,” Ray stated.

“What makes Tibbs special is the way we do the job and how it looks when it’s done. I couldn’t ask for a better team. Everybody knows what they have to do and does a good job. Our customers appreciate it and let us know.” – Ray  Tibbs

Ray loves his family and he loves working. He has three grown children, who live in Virginia and Georgia. On his time off, you can find him at home with Sondra, his partner of 21 years. Though, he doesn’t relax for long. He likes to be busy and productive. When he’s finished doing projects around his house, he can often be found at his brother Jimmy’s home, helping with his to-do list! 

Meet Edgar Hernandez, Paving Foreman

As Paving Foreman on big-box retail paving projects, Edgar Hernandez is on call all of the time. He keeps large commercial projects moving along the East Coast, from New England to Florida.  Edgar is on the scene to orchestrate the crew, assigning the roles to get each job done efficiently to generate revenue for the company.

Edgar’s crew of 11 primarily handles big-box projects for Tibbs. At these large retail sites, one crew performs the asphalt milling at night. Then Edgar’s paving crew performs asphalt paving the following day. “When we are finished, others come in behind to do the signage, bollards and striping. The job site looks perfect when we’re done. When we finish one job, it’s on to the next major retailer. Our GC customers are very happy with our work. Our bosses know we work hard and they take care of us. Our crew is loyal and happy. We are all motivated to grow and it feels like a family,” Edgar shared. 

 Edgar has been a member of Team Tibbs for 26 years.  He moved to the U.S. from Guatemala in 1989. He was married for 22 years when his wife passed away. Their son has been living and working in Virginia Beach since graduating from J.M.U. in Harrisonburg VA.  

Every winter, Edgar saves up his vacation time and Christmas bonus to return to his family in Guatemala. There, he can relax with his mother, brothers and sisters. When he returns to work, he is ready to get busy. “I don’t want to work with any other firm. I am happy where I am,” he concluded.

“We are like a family. Our bosses are like family. We know we can always talk to them. They listen and do whatever they can to help us. It’s good to feel appreciated. Not many bosses are like that. It’s hard to find people who care about you. They’re there for us and we’re there for them.” – Edgar Hernandez, Paving Foreman 

At Tibbs Paving, so many of us have been working together for years. As Ray and Edgar noted, we are a family!  These bonds strengthen the quality of our work, which positively impacts our customers every day. If you are planning a commercial paving project, put our family to work for you! Contact us at (703) 810-7435 or complete this form on our website.

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