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From Subcontractor To Operations Manager: Meet Aaron Herman

Staff / 10-04-2021

At Tibbs Paving, we’ve been fortunate to work with skilled vendors and affiliated businesses.  Aaron Herman was a trusted subcontractor for years when we convinced him to join Team Tibbs. Now, he manages all of our production.

Aaron was a subcontractor we got to know very well. We learned that we could rely on his knowledge, judgement and work ethic to deliver excellent work. He was a seasoned pro with 15 years in the paving industry when we recruited him to join Team Tibbs in 2017. Originally hired as our general superintendent, Aaron quickly became an indispensable member of our team.

Aaron is now our Operations Manager, a position that taps his expertise and experience.  Dividing his time between the office and the field, Aaron oversees all of the production for Tibbs Paving.

“I oversee the day-to-day operations of what’s going on in the field?when the crews are milling and paving, and any other site work operations. I start off working with the estimators, reviewing and bidding the projects. Once a contract is signed, the job goes to scheduling, which I’m in charge of. From there, I let the crews know where they are going and pulling materials from. My final step is to look at the listing on the project when it’s complete to see how we did.” – Aaron Herman

Our crews are busy milling and paving each day.  We perform DMV commercial paving projects to big-box retail jobs and Aaron oversees production for all of them.   It’s a lot of responsibility and he loves what he does.

You’re not on the same job every day. You’re not going to the same location. You’re always doing something different. Every time you close out a job when it’s done, and the crews are cooling off, and it looks good, it’s a great feeling.” Aaron explained.

At Tibbs Paving, we all strive to be the best we can be. Our skilled team, production expertise and proactive communication get your paving jobs completed on time and on budget. We bring more than 25 years of experience to help you manage your paved assets. Contact us for a consultation at (703) 844-9805 or visit our website.

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