Pavement Striping

Services include traffic control lines, curb and fire lanes, parking spaces, ADA pavement markings, pedestrian cross walks, stop bars, parking space stenciling and more. Tibbs Paving, Inc. can easily handle most property striping and painting needs

Asphalt Milling

Whether it’s large scale patchwork or one small patch, Tibbs Paving has the equipment and manpower to perform the job effectively. Our milling machines mean large production capability on large patch jobs and the flexibility of our site work team is prepared to fix a single sink hole at your property at a drop of a dimes notice.

Concrete Flat Work

Concrete flatwork for pads, handicap ramps and ADA ramps requires expert knowledge of proper reinforcement and preparation for long lasting results. We use at least 4000 psi fiber reinforced on every pad or ada ramp. This ensures longevity and strength in our finished product.

Seal Coating

Lots are sealed to provide a protective surface coating to existing asphalt against moisture and oxidation. For an efficient application vegetation will be removed from surface and sealed with a rubber sealant. Oil spots should be wire brushed and coated with an oil spot primer. Apply two coats of asphalt resin emulsion sealer as stated in the material section specifications.