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Happy 70th Birthday To The Man Behind The Nameā€¦James Tibbs Of Tibbs Paving!

Staff / 04-27-2021

Tibbs Paving was founded by James and Tim in 1995, and we recently celebrated our 25th year in business together. We are super excited to inaugurate our newsletter on the very same day that James is celebrating his 70th birthday!

James Tibbs is a native son of the Manassas area and really values having the roots of our company firmly planted here.  After all, he started his professional career as an independent trucker.  Essentially he was an entrepreneur and had started off as a small transportation company that specialized in hauling materials for paving companies. Meeting Tim in 1982 while  working for a local paving outfit, they soon developed a mutual respect for the others’ work ethic and focus on a job well done. That mutual respect and friendship eventually led to James and Tim combining forces in 1995 and establishing Tibbs Paving. 

James or “Jimmy”, as he is fondly called by his friends, family, and teammates, is a very hands-on leader. Whenever there is a big project, you can always expect to see him in the middle of all the action keeping an eye on things or simply just helping out in whatever way he can. People are usually surprised to see “the big boss” on the paver or bobcat or sweeping away debris from the sidewalk that might have been missed.




James, always on the Job!

Leading by example and always ready to roll his sleeves up to ensure the mission is completed on time.






James (far right) in the early days

What really sets him apart as a leader is his fairness and compassion for his employees. He genuinely enjoys the work and in particular, the comradery with the team. In a recent interview with Jimmy, he said… “ it is something I look forward to every day”.

He is extremely grateful and proud of all the milestones his team has been able to achieve over the last 25 years. From the purchase of their first brand new dump truck, all the way to taking on private sector projects in our community to big-box projects and even municipal projects around the DMV, etc. We’re not exaggerating when we say that James truly loves what he does day in and day out!

He’s not someone who makes a big fuss out of his birthday, but he is surrounded by people who absolutely want to celebrate and commemorate his birthday in every way possible…including the writing of this piece. His wife Barbara and their four children, Kiara, James Jr, Jonathan, and Katrese are sure to have something special planned for him. Most of his other free time is spent going to the car races and shows.               

Happy 70th Birthday, Jimmy! We are so grateful for your leadership, passion, and friendship. For 25 years, you have been the model example of what it means to be one of our area’s most respected and successful businessmen. Enjoy and many happy returns! – The Tibbs Paving Team





James sure knows how to rock a suit!

“We started with nothing, and we’ve really come a long way. Throughout the highs and lows, I’ve always felt blessed to know him. I love the guy, and I wish him the happiest 70th birthday.” 

– From your partner, Tim.

Image of Tibbs trucks


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