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Meet The Two Moms Who Paved The Way For Our Principals’ Groundbreaking Success!

Staff / 05-07-2021

These phenomenal women played a part in shaping the values, determination, and work ethic that both James and Tim needed to thrive.

Meet Sarah Tibbs, Mother of James Tibbs, Co-Founder of Tibbs Paving 

Sarah Tibbs is a proud mother of 15 children, James Tibbs being the 5th out of the bunch. She always knew that James would go on to make something great out of his life. 

“James has always been a good listener and a very respectful person who always looks out for his family. It feels good to be his mom” – Sarah Tibbs

Motherhood has taught her many lessons including the importance of teaching her children to do what’s right in every situation life puts them in. She would always tell James “No matter how many times you get knocked down, you have to get back up and keep going.” She is now 93 years old and extremely proud of how much her family has grown. 



Meet Joan Reed, Mother of Tim Reed, Co-Founder of Tibbs Paving

As a military wife and mom, Joan dedicated most of her life to raising 4 children. Since the family moved around a lot, ensuring her children had a happy childhood was very important to her. As a military family, they moved 7 times before landing in Northern Virginia after her husband Len, retired from the army. At the age of 45, once the kids were all grown, Joan and Len started their own public relations business.  They worked together until they eventually retired. She is now 87 years old and resides in Northern New Hampshire with her husband. 

 Joan is especially proud of all the success Tim has had as an entrepreneur. 

“Tim started at the very bottom but he and Jimmy worked hard and now they’ve grown Tibbs Paving into a very successful business. I couldn’t be any prouder. Tim is an amazing human being. Him and Jimmy’s relationship is unique. They both are all about the people” – Joan Reed

Joan believes that motherhood has taught her everything about life. Her advice to new mothers is to simply love your children a lot, hug them a lot and tell them how much you care about them because it all goes by so fast. Maintaining healthy and loving relationships with your children is very fulfilling and super important.

Clearly a mother’s love can shape their children into phenomenal people. The team at Tibbs Paving is proud to be led by two men who were so positively influenced by the strong, compassionate, and inspiring women in their lives. 

We want to take this time to acknowledge all the love and dedication shown by mothers to their children. Thank you for all that you do! Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers at Tibbs and mothers everywhere!

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