Our Humble Beginnings

To a ...Respected Partner with 25+ Years of Paving the DMV

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Our Humble Beginnings

To a ...Respected Partner with 25+ Years of Paving the DMV

Image of Tibbs Paving building and mintage of paving equipment

Our founders, Jimmy and Tim, met in 1982 while working for a local Virginia paving company. Having developed a mutual respect for one another, these co-workers became friends and eventually business partners, forming Tibbs Paving 1995. This kind of staying power deserves a look.

“All of these years, we have remained like-minded and taken a hands-on approach to our business. We have deep respect and admiration for each other and our hard-working employees. Everyone on our team shares the same meticulous work ethic and dedication to quality. That’s what our reputation has been built on.

We would like to thank our returning clients, many of whom have been with us for 27 years. We understand that your loyalty must be earned daily and we are dedicated to doing that. Satisfied customers are the true measure of a paving contractor’s ability. We are so proud to have earned your trust for the quality of our work.

For our potential, new clients, we look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations.”



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