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Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Property Managers

Megan Wild / 04-27-2021

Properly maintaining your parking lot doesn’t need to be difficult. When you take the right steps to keep your parking lot clean and well maintained, you can save yourself from a major headache down the line.

Here are some parking lot maintenance tips you can use to keep your parking lot in prime condition.

Keep It Clean

Properly sweeping and cleaning your parking lot has more benefits than just making it look nice. While removing dirt and debris from your parking lot can help keep your tenants happy, it can also keep your pavement in its best condition.

A buildup of dirt and debris can lead to pavement damage. It can prevent rainwater and other moisture from draining properly, causing puddles on the surface. Not only is this annoying for the people who need to walk through the parking lot, but it can also cause the pavement to soften. Softened pavement is prone to more cracks, which need to be repaired.

Make sure to properly sweep your parking lot every few days. Eliminating dirt and debris as soon as it accumulates can prevent water from building up and stop your pavement from softening. Check drains to ensure debris has not collected, preventing water from draining properly.

Fill Cracks Quickly

Cracks in your parking lot can happen, even if you’re taking proper care of the pavement. If you allow the cracks to remain unrepaired for too long, they can cause even more damage to your parking lot.

If you see a weed pop up in your pavement, remove it and fill the crack as soon as possible. This can stop the weed from growing further, potentially causing larger cracks and bumps. These larger kinds of damage can pose a risk for the people who need to use your parking lot, potentially causing someone to get hurt.

When larger cracks appear, make sure to properly seal them up. This can prevent water from becoming trapped in the cracks and stop new weeds from growing. Filling in the cracks as they appear can prevent further damage from happening.

Take Preventive Measures

Having a consistent sealcoating schedule can help prevent your pavement from being damaged by the elements. A sealcoat can prevent cracks and water damage from occurring, saving you time making repairs.

You’ll want to have your parking lot properly sealed a few months after the parking lot has been installed. If you’re not constructing your own parking lot, get it sealed as soon as you purchase the property. After the initial sealing, keep getting the pavement resealed every three to five years. The amount of time between each sealcoat can depend on how large your parking lot is and how much daily use it sees.

Properly sealing your pavement can help it last and save you money on repairs. When you follow a consistent sealing schedule and fill in any cracks that appear, your parking lot can last 30 years without replacement.

Clean up Oil Spills

Oil stains can be unavoidable in a parking lot where dozens of people park their cars, but just like water or debris, it won’t hurt your pavement if you take the necessary steps to clean it up. Like water, oil can seep into the pavement and cause it to soften. As we’ve already mentioned, softened pavement is more prone to damage.

Cleaning up an oil stain as soon as you notice is easier than if you were to let it sit. There are a few different ways you can clean up an oil spill, including using Coca-Cola or baking soda.

Try a few different cleaning methods to see which works the best for you. Knowing the exact way to clean up an oil spill in your parking lot can help you get rid of stains faster and keep your pavement in top shape.

Taking proper care of your parking lot is important. Not only does filling in cracks prevent those who park in your parking lot from tripping and becoming injured, but it also keeps your pavement looking nice. When you properly clean and clear your parking lot of debris, water and oil, you can keep your parking lot in prime condition.

Keep your pavement properly sealed and ensure you’re not going too long between coatings. Pay close attention to the condition of your pavement in determining whether or not it’s time for a new sealing. With the proper maintenance schedule, your pavement will stay in great condition for many years to come.

Article Source: realtytimes.com

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