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Curb and Gutter

Concrete curbs protect your pavement, landscaping and buildings from damage.

Protect your pavement, landscaping and buildings from water and vehicle damage.

Curbs and gutters prevent water and vehicle damage to your property. They work as a system to collect and divert water to your drainage system so it won’t penetrate and compromise your asphalt.

Curbing provides the additional benefit of protecting your buildings and landscaping from vehicle traffic. Paired with wheel stops, curbs contain the motion of vehicles in your parking lots.

Together, curbs and gutters protect your investment
. Keeping them repaired and maintained is an important line of defense for the integrity and aesthetics of your property. It is also important for ADA compliance.

To prevent water damage and trip hazards from developing, we know how to keep your curbs and gutters in top, working order
. If they are damaged, we help you identify the areas that need repair or replacement and handle it for you.

  • To repair existing concrete, we break it up and pour new concrete.
  • If it’s a remove-and-replace, we repair the damaged sections and pour new concrete.
  • If it’s a design build, we pour per plan.

Our production crews deliver the strength and quality of product you need for compliance and long-term durability

For more than 25 years, Tibbs Paving has been constructing, repairing and maintaining concrete pavement for commercial and industrial sites. Put our experience to work for you.

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