On any job, except the very smallest jobs, we remove the asphalt with our 120 or 210 Milling  Machines. It is much faster and leaves a clean, compacted sub grade with sharp vertical edges. Tibbs Paving high production allows our customers to get back to business as quickly as possible after their new parking lot repairs are perfected. We can use this milling technology to perform partial depth asphalt patches, where we replace only the top 2″ or so of the pavement, or full depth patches where we replace the entire thickness of asphalt and possibly the stone base as well.


Specializing in paving commercial parking lots. This means that our entire fleet of asphalt paving equipment and mind set of our team members are focused on paving your lots and keeping your commercial property functional and operational.

Asphalt Patching

Whether it’s large scale patchwork or one small patch, Tibbs Paving has the equipment and manpower to perform the job effectively. Our milling machines mean large production capability on large patch jobs and the flexibility of our site work team is prepared to fix a single sink hole at your property at a drop of a dimes notice.


Tibbs Paving provides site development for commercial projects. Our in house services include site excavating, under drain, and grading. With our team of experienced employees and subcontractors, we can take your project no matter the size, from start to finish in a safe and timely manner. Contact us today and let us work with you to build your next successful project

Under Drain Installation

If you need french drains or drain inlets installed, Tibbs is the company to call. French drains are installed if water is pumping through your asphalt causing asphalt deterioration and possibly a liability at winter time if the wet area turns to ice. French drains are high grade scheduled 40 perforated PVC piping wrapping in stone surrounded with geotextile filter fabric to allow the excess water to have a channel and lead into the connected drain.



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