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We can handle all of your commercial asphalt and concrete services needs.

Your paved assets are a big investment. Repair and maintenance are key to extending their lifespan and reducing long-term costs. We can help assess your needs to maximize safety, aesthetics and property value.

We walk your property with you. We identify your concerns and the projects that need attention. Then, we prepare an analysis and project scope to meet your immediate and long-term needs. Our color-coded phasing plans lay out the exact areas to be addressed in your project, including photos.

As a property manager, you don’t have time to babysit your paving project. Our goal is to take as much off your shoulders as possible. Once you sign the proposal, we take care of everything for you and keep you updated so you don’t have to spend your valuable time visiting the job site. Our after-action reports provide all a full project description with the photo documentation you need to report up the chain.

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At Tibbs Paving, we have the staff, equipment and expertise to handle all of your commercial asphalt and concrete services needs
. With 25+ years of experience and more than 100 big-box paving projects under our belt, you can rely on us for:

When our crews walk off the job, you know it’s done and done right. The production work they do is seamless. They take care of your property and visitors. From the moment they come onsite, our foremen and superintendents cover everything for you-putting up signs, helping people to their cars and directing traffic to make sure that your construction site is safe.

If you need a quick turnaround repair or a large-scale paving job, Tibbs Paving provides complete, turnkey solutions for your commercial, industrial or municipal property.

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