Under Drain Installation

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Under Drain Installation

Water issues can undermine the integrity of your parking lot and create liability issues.

What are the indicators that your site needs an under drain installation? When you see water pumping out of the ground or have an area that is constantly wet, you know you have a water problem.

We can fix your water problems and preserve your pavement. We take the water that is traveling beneath your asphalt or concrete and give it a channel towards a drain. Then the water is diverted to the proper area instead of damaging your subbase.

Tibbs Paving, we repair any level of damage and install French drains to protect your pavement from further deterioration. French drains consist of high-grade, schedule 40, perforated PVC piping. The piping is wrapped in stone and surrounded by geotextile filter fabric. This system provides any excess water a channel that leads to an existing under drain.


When you need to take action to repair water damage and prevent it from happening again, contact Tibbs Paving. We have a full range of services to help you preserve the value of your paved assets.

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