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The State Of Your Pavement Impacts The Value Of Your Property

Staff / 09-27-2022

Whether you are planning on holding a property long-term or putting it on the market, the state of your paved assets impacts its value. Well-maintained pavement contributes greatly to curb appeal, drawing visitors, generating revenue and increasing your bottom line. Regular, proactive maintenance enhances your property value and ROI.


Protecting Your Investment

Your paved assets are a big investment and you need to get as much value as possible from them. We understand that your parking lots and pavement surfaces are critical to maintaining the appearance and functionality of your properties. Your maintenance plan should protect your investment, save you money, and retain or increase the value of your property.


Working within Your Budget

At Tibbs Paving, we work hand in hand with commercial property managers to develop long-term, cost-effective plans to care for your paved assets. We want what benefits you. When you come to us with a pavement issue, our goal is to solve the problem within your budget. We complete a site evaluation to assess your needs, phase your property for years and work within your budgetary constraints. 


Focusing on Quality and Service

Because of our culture, everyone at Tibbs is focused on the value of your property and the quality of our work. We have the expertise and equipment to find solutions to pavement issues of any scale. We also care about solving your problems efficiently. We understand how busy you are as a property manager. We send reports so that you know what is going on with your site at all times and can report the completion of projects to stakeholders easily. Our team is here to help make your job easier for every paving and concrete project. 


“Our Sales and Customer Service Teams and Operations Crews care about what they're doing. It's not just a job for them. They care about what they're putting down. They want it to look good. They want our customer's needs met so they will call us every time.”  - James Glotfelty, Sales Manager  Tibbs Paving 


Acquiring Customers

As your paving partner, we make sure that your property is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Your property needs to look good to maximize property value and customer acquisition. The more appealing your property is, the more visitors you attract and the better they feel about being there.  


At Tibbs Paving, we can help you preserve your paved assets and keep your property looking fresh. We have the expertise you need to maximize your property value. Contact us. 

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