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Tibbs Paving: Our Process Is The Key To Our Success

Staff / 04-06-2022

At Tibbs Paving, our process is the key to our success and your satisfaction.

We work with commercial property managers on every aspect of your paving projects, from planning to completion. We help with defining the scope, paying particular attention to phasing the work to help manage the activity on your property.

  • Initial Consultation: We walk your site with you to understand your needs, both immediate and long-term, and how you are using the property. We take photos of areas that need attention. We then develop a cost-effective action plan to meet them.
  • Project Scope: Once we know your needs and budget our team prepares a proposal, including scope, for your review. Whether you need pavement repair or maintenance our proposals outline all proposed work, including a project phasing plan, traffic flow and photographs.  
  • Scheduling: Once we receive a signed contract, we will implement the phasing plan for your property to minimize any disruption. Before your job begins, we will install signs, barriers, and caution tape, as needed. We can also assist you with any flyers that you may want to provide in advance of the work. 
  • Production: We provide a turnkey milling and paving solution to keep your project on time and on budget. We lay out the work, block it off, mill and pave it, and re-open the property after it is restriped. While on site we address pedestrian traffic by providing safe travel areas. Our crews know how to maintain and repair your pavement efficiently with pedestrian safety in mind. Upon completion, we make sure that your property is clean and free of any construction debris and that you are satisfied with the work. 
  • After-Job Report: Our after-job reports are a great resource. They include photographs of the work that we performed and documentation of the project. 

As a property manager, we know you have so many things to manage. Therefore, we will do our best to keep you updated on the progress of your paving jobs to save you valuable time. 

At Tibbs Paving, we have 25+ years of experience. You can trust us to manage all your commercial asphalt and concrete paving needs. Contact us for a consultation.

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