Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse and industrial properties need to stand up to the traffic of heavy vehicles.

The pavement on warehouse and industrial properties takes a beating from the heavy vehicles onsite. When you build a new center, loading docks are usually constructed of concrete, 60 feet out. That’s the area that gets the most traffic. It may need a bigger aggregate or deeper repairs.

Depending on your needs and soil conditions, we build your pavement to last.

We can give you a subbase that has the strength of a concrete slab. If your subbase is clay and it’s moving a lot, you may want a Portland cement/soil combination to turn your entire subbase into rock. We can do a 4-inch asphalt removal, mix your subbase soils with Portland cement concrete, allow it to cure and pave on top.

If you don’t have that loose soil underneath, you may want to use stone, instead. Depending on your site’s needs, we can go deeper with stone. We can excavate at a 16-inch depth and install a thicker amount of stone (8-12 inches). Then, we install a new layer of asphalt (up to 25 mm) to provide a solid surface to distribute the weight of the heavy trucks on your property.

At Tibbs Paving, we have been paving warehouse and industrial properties for more than 25 years. We have the knowledge and equipment to construct, repair and maintain your paved assets.

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