Lots are sealed to provide a protective surface coating to existing asphalt against moisture and oxidation. For an efficient application vegetation will be removed from surface and sealed with a rubber sealant. Oil spots should be wire brushed and coated with an oil spot primer. Apply two coats of asphalt resin emulsion sealer as stated in the material section specifications. Protective coating will be applied in dry weather and only when the pavement at atmospheric temperatures are 50⁰F or above and are anticipated to remain above 50⁰F for forty-eight hours after completing application. Application will not be permitted when precipitation is anticipated before the film dries to a rain-resistant condition or when temperature and humidity conditions are such that the asphalt resin emulsion could not dry thoroughly before a minimum pavement temperature of 45⁰F occurs.


This item consists of cleaning and filling cracks in the pavement to prevent the penetration of water and the intrusion of debris. Work will include cleaning the cracks with compressed air, stiff bristle broom, or other hand tools to remove debris and vegetation grass growing in the cracks. After cleaning, the cracks shall be sealed with Rubberized Crack Sealant or an approved equal. NOTE: Due to the nature of longitudinal and transverse cracking and the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt pavement, some cracks may re-open and new cracks may appear. Crack Sealing is a yearly maintenance procedure.

Asphalt Striping, Stencils & Signage

Our striping crews have over 30 year of experience laying out and painting new parking lots, curb painting and marking, or restriping existing parking lots. Our striping options include painting of parking spaces, handicap spaces, loading zones, reserved and visitor spaces, and any stencil needed for the job. We also install all types of traffic control signs such as handicap parking signs, stop signs, yield signs, no parking, fire lane signs, and loading zone. Painting curbs is a an eye catcher at all properties, we offer scraping and power washing for removal of old curbs before restriping them.



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